EFOMW participated in the EU Anti-Racism Summit organised by the European Commission, 19 March 2021.

After adoption of an ambitious EU anti-racism Action Plan in September 2020 the European Commission organised a Summit Against Racism to discuss how to go from words to action.

Opened by European Commission President Von der Leyen, it brought together EU Commissioners, national ministers, MEPs, community representatives and various other stakeholders to send a strong signal against racism on the International Day against Racial Discrimination.

  • We must join forces among European institutions, with Member States, with police forces, with trade unions and business associations, and with civil society. We must understand together the many forms that racism takes – at the workplace and in our streets, online and offline, and within our institutions. We must find the right means to tackle each one of them.
    Commission President von der Leyen,
    Speech at the European Anti-Racism Summit, 19 March 2020

In collaboration with other civil society organisations EFOMW took part in preparations for the Summit and together with more than 80 organisations signed the joint letter requesting strong participatory processes and resources for the implementation of the EU anti-racism action plan: Open letter to European Commission President von der Leyen: EU Anti-Racism Summit recommendations’

A day before the summit we attended the People’s Summit organised by ENAR and Equinox which gathered CSOs and allies of racial justice and equality to discuss our participation at the summit.

Together and in solidarity with other organisations we will continue to demand equality and human rights for all.

In coming period we hope to see more concrete steps in fight against structural racism inclusive Islamophobia both on EU and national level in European countries.

We hope that EU can live up to its motto “United in diversity” and as President Ursula von der Leyen poited out earlier : ‘To build a truly anti-racist Union – that goes from condemnation to action’.