EFOMW participated in the event Rise of Islamophobia in Europe where our Operations manager dr. Sanja Bilic spoke about gendered Islamophobia in Europe.

Event was organised 6 March 2021 by Dutch anti-Islamophobia NGO, ‘Collective against Islamophobia and Discrimination CTID’ with aim to discuss role of Islamophobia in politics.

In the context of the Dutch parliamentary elections, CTID organised a series of meetings with politicians and others on tackling Muslim hatred and discrimination. This meeting discussed the situation in several European countries on issues such as the Law against Separatism (France), the rise and mainstreaming of the far right (Spain), the approach to Islamophobia at European level and gendered Islamophobia.

Speakers at the panel:

– Julie Pascoe╠łt, What are the proposals and demands of civil society towards the European States to combat Islamophobia; what demands and role of civil society towards the European Coordinator for Combating Anti-Muslim Hate?

– Yasser Louati (France), Separatism Law in France: what motivated the preparation of this bill? What impact will it have on issues related to Islamophobia and religious organisations?

– Aurora Ali (Spain), how far-right parties, including the Vox Party in Catalonia, have used anti-Muslim rhetoric to win votes.

– Sanja Bilic (UK), gendered Islamophobia in Europe