13-14 March 2021.

After successful advocacy workshop organised in Brussels in November 2019, we identified the great need at grassroots level, for more trainings and activities of this kind.

Islamophobia is a growing phenomenon in Europe and Muslim women are most vulnerable to multiple levels of discrimination, particularly Muslim women who are more easily identified or perceived as Muslim. Given the scale of the need and problem, there is still a lack of CSOs which tackle gendered aspects of Islamophobia and its impacts.
With that background we organised the second Advocacy workshop with aim to enhance Muslim women civil society organizations’ and individuals’ ability to lead in the combat against the intersectional discriminations they face.

The workshop focused on following:

  • Understanding EU directives that have impact and influence on Muslim women
  • Understanding local and national contexts in terms of tailoring effective advocacy efforts in Europe
  • What can we do/ways forward: Best practices and experiences from some EU countries

Trainers in different modules were experts in fields of Islamophobia and advocacy, and activists with experience in the grassroots’ empowerment and civic engagement.

Among participants we had representatives from our member organisations, activists, researchers, students from diferent parts of Europe.

Many good discussions were started and many important questions were raised, and we wish that we had more time to go deeper in each one of them.

In coming period we will continue to develop new programs, and offer opportunities for more knowledge and information exchange, as well as to offer safe space where people can openly discuss problems of discrimination and work on finding solution for this burning issue.