On 27 June EFOMW hosted its annual General Assembly, this time as an online conference.

We are happy to have had the opportunity to meet our members and address important questions for Muslim women in diverse communities across Europe, despite difficulties caused by COVID 19.

Some of the discussed topics were: the importance of a strong network, solidarity between women across Europe, mutual learning and support.

We also discussed the latest development in Belgium as our members are concerned about the discriminatory decision of the Belgium Constitutional Court (dated from June 4th, 2020) regarding the wearing of the headscarf in higher school education.

This development is very worrying, especially at the moment when we witness strong messages against racism, exclusion and discrimination worldwide. It is shocking to see that Belgium goes backwards by making the decision that will further exclude Muslim women from education and can have devastating consequences on their future active participation in society.

This year we had a pleasure to welcome a new member organisation to the network, Asociación Musulmana Derechos Humanos from Spain.

We are excited to have such a dedicated group of people within the Forum and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation. We will continue to build a strong movement of Muslim women together.

Sustainable change will only come from the grassroots, Muslim- women-led organisations and initiatives, driven by the need of women to claim their rights for themselves. In that light, EFOMW will put extra effort in the coming period in building a strong network and including more voices in public debates.