EFOMW participated at the conference “Fighting discrimination on ethnic and religious grounds: the vulnerabilities of Muslim communities and the impact of COVID-19”
The conference was organised by the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the European Commission and the European Network of Equality Bodies (Equinet), and was chaired by Tommaso Chiamparino, European Commission Coordinator on combating anti-Muslim hatred.

The conference aimed to identify ways for cooperation and exchange of best practices which can help to fight discrimination.
It was attended by representatives of national authorities members of the High-Level Groups on combating racism and xenophobia and on non-discrimination, equality and diversity, representatives of international organisations and equality bodies, as well as civil society organisations working on the ground.

CSOs active on addressing Islamophobia, that EFOMW is part of, presented the collective document “A response to racism in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis”, showcasing the consequences of Covid19 crisis on Muslim communities and issuing recommendations to EU institutions and the Member States.
We called for 13 public actions to address Islamophobia and protect Muslim communities in Europe.

One of the speakers, the FRA Director Michael O’Flaherty, reminded that “… the problem of hatred against Muslims, of discrimination against Muslims, is not the problem OF Muslims, it is OUR problem. It is the problem of our society.”
He also informed about some latest data from the Fundamental Rights Agency’s ‘Fundamental Rights Survey’ about attitudes towards Muslims in Europe. Read FRA speech here

Besides that, discussed topics during the conference also included the representation of Muslims in the media, and security needs of Muslim communities

Fundacion Al Fanar – ‘Guidelines for Media – Islam, Muslims and journalism’

OSCE- Understanding Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes – Addressing the Security Needs of Muslim Communities: A Practical Guide

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