EFOMW participated in the event Heads Up High! “Islamophobia and Muslim Youth Psychological Well-being”, 24-26 January 2020 in Istanbul.

This 2 day training program organised by Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), aimed to strengthen the capacity of the Muslim youth and community activists for facing the impacts of Islamophobia in their societies, and promoting the understanding and sharing the best practices on helping victims of hate crime and discrimination to counter-radicalization programs and their negative impact on mental health of Muslim youth.

The training brought together activists and students from Europe, Asia, and Middle-East, as well as prominent international scholars of Islamophobia Studies and NGO representatives from Turkey.

EFOMW was invited to contribute with a guest lecture and our Vice Chair Ms. Dorsaf Ben Dhiab held the workshop with topic “Gendered Islamophobia and European Youth”.

Some other topics discussed during 2 days training were:
– ‘Islamophobia and Intercultural Dialogue; The Role of Youth in Raising Awareness’
– ‘Some cultural and Historical Roots of Islamophobia’
– ‘Hate Crime from Human Rights perspective: Monitoring and Reporting’
– ‘European Muslim Youth Identity Facing the Challenge of Islamophobia’, and more