EFOMW took part in the roundtable on intersectionality and hate crime, organised by The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), 17 October in Copenhagen, Denmark.

An expert roundtable with scholars, experts and practitioners working in the areas of hate crimes, gender and intersectionality was organised in order to discuss and get the deeper understanding of how intersectionality is applied to hate crimes.

Data collected by ODIHR in the annual hate crime reporting demonstrate that individuals might be at greater risk of violence due to multiple aspects of their identity, including the victim/survivor’s gender.
This event was building on ODIHR’s earlier findings and conclusions that hate crimes involving gender in their motives should be examined through an intersectional lens. The aim of this roundtable was to explore what this could mean in practice.

The event gave an opportunity to experts in the field of hate crimes and intersectionality to present their work and approaches, and to take stock of good practices and challenges in data collection; It examined how using the theory of intersectionality can benefit hate crime prevention and response as well as evaluate its potential impact on gender equality; through the group work it was seeking to identify good practices and challenges in operationalizing intersectionality to address hate crimes.

Roudtable concludes that one of ways forward, to effectively address the root causes of discrimination, exclusion and violence, participating States and CSOs must take a grassroots, bottom-up approach that speaks to and includes individuals and groups representing multiple categories of marginalization.
This victim-centred, OSCE-wide approach would enable relevant actors to address hate crime and discrimination against vulnerable groups in an inclusive and holistic manner.

Roudtable was also a great opportunity for networking as well as for exploring possibilities for advocacy and coalition building.