EFOMW participated in EU Anti-Racism and Diversity Week 2019, organised 23-26 September at the European Parliament. 

Events during the week brought together policy makers and civil society representatives to discuss several critical topics in combatting racism and discrimination in the EU, such as: 
– EU Anti-racism and discrimination law and policy;
– Diversity and political participation in EU politics;
– Ensuring safety and justice for minorities in Europe;
– Intersectional approach to race and gender equality policy

EFOMW’s Jennifer Nowe delivered a speech on importance of the intersectional approach in tackling discrimination and called for recognition of Islamophobia as a specific form of racism and its gendered aspects. In her speech she also reminded of recommendations, delivered by Coalition Against Islamophobia (at the meeting supported by the European Commission in Madrid June 2019),  and expressed our wish to see these implemented by new EU parliament:

Develop and promote harmonisation of data collection in areas of hate crime and equality, recognising anti-Muslim bias as a category. These data should be disaggregated by multiple grounds of discrimination, including gender, race, ethnicity and religion.

Adopt guidelines to implement an intersectional approach to religious dress restrictions by recognising these restrictions mostly target Muslim women and are against full gender equality. These guidelines could promote non-discriminatory approaches to enable full inclusion of all Muslim women in all areas of life. Assessment of existing legislation should be done taking into account this approach.

Support the adoption or improvement of national policies against racism, such as National Action Plans against Racism, with specific measures or strategies to counter Islamophobia, including measures to tackle intersectional discrimination targeting Muslim women (on the model of the Barcelona action plan against Islamophobia).

Read whole list of recommendations from Madrid as pdf here

See video from panel discussion here