EFOMW participated in a workshop on synergies and good practices on tackling anti-Muslim racism and discrimination in Madrid 24-25 June

The event was organised at the initiative of the Spanish Secretary of State for Migrations, of the Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security and supported by the European Commission, under the leadership of the Coordinator on combating anti-Muslim hatred.

This workshop was a follow up to the “High Level conference on tackling intolerance and discrimination against Muslims in the EU” which took place in Brussels on 3rd December 2018.

It brought together civil society organisations and relevant public authorities in the Member States to discuss about strategies, tools and methods to jointly address increasing intolerance, racism and discrimination targeting Muslims (or people perceived as being Muslims). It was an invaluable opportunity to learn about existing good practices and to discuss how mutual trust and cooperation between public actors, activists and other players can be strengthened on the ground.

During the meeting Civil sociaty organisations /Coalition Against Islamophobia (that EFOMW is part of) presented major concerns related to Islamophobia, and a set of recomendations to the policy makers.

Read the presentation / recommendations here.

One of speakers at the event was dr. Farid Hafez, lecturer and researcher at the University of Salzburg, and editor of European Islamophobia Report. You can see / listen to his keynote here