EFOMW participated in the Council of Europe’s ‘No Hate’ Parliamentary Alliance hearing on Islamophobia in Europe, 11 April 2019 in Strasbourg. The hearing was organised by the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination where EFOMW was invited to make a presentation and contribute to discussions on Islamophobia in Europe. 
EFOMW’s Chair presented ‘Gendered Islamophobia in Europe’ calling:

  • National authorities and Fundamental rights Agency should facilitate the collection and monitoring of disaggregated data on gender, ethnicity and religion in studies of multiple discrimination and victimisation surveys. 
  • Encourage and initiate studies and reports that monitor intersectional discriminations EU and national institutions should perform impact assessment of national laws restricting religious clothing since the first French legislation of 2004. 
  • Hold member states accountable for the Islamophobic crime against Muslim women and incitement to hatred against Muslim women.
  • Member states should adopt national strategies to combat Islamophobia covering, among others, discrimination in employment. 

EFOMW welcomes the initiative of the Council of Europe’s No Hate Parliamentary Assembly and urges to recognise the gendered aspect of Islamophobia and take firm steps in raising awareness among its member states about the need to tackle the stigma and discrimination faced by Muslim women. We are deeply concerned that the proclaimed gender equality by European institutions is endangered by ever rampant discrimination based on gender and religious beliefs.A pluralistic Europe needs to extend the principles of freedom and equality to all its people, regardless of their faith, gender or any other aspect of their identity. We need a change in policy and political willingness to address the cost of discrimination that Muslim women suffer which is at present borne by all Europe in socio-economic dimensions.