EFOMW took part in the ‘Consultation with Civil Society: European Parliament’s approach post 2020 in addressing Islamophobia and its impact on Muslim women’, 3 April in Brussels.
The event aimed to gather support of the European Parliament to increase its focus on Islamophobia and Muslim women in its future mandate. It was attended by NGO’s who are members of the Coalition Against Islamophobia, the Open Society Foundations, political advisers, EC  Coordinator on combating anti-Muslim hatred, MEPs and ARDI. 
This consultation aimed to foster strong and meaningful dialogue between civil society working for the inclusion and empowerment of Muslim women and policy-makers ahead of the upcoming European elections. 

More specifically, the meeting aimed to:

Gather support of the European Parliament to increase its focus on Islamophobia, including under the work of ARDI;

Support the European Commission to maintain the Coordinator on anti-Muslim hate and possibly issue a Communication on the fight against Islamophobia;

Consult with MEPs on the ways in which CSO can work with the European Parliament to meaningfully move forward on the fight against Islamophobia and on the inclusion of vulnerable Muslim populations in Europe, in particular Muslim Women 

Identify ways for the European Parliament to engage with Member States to create good practices of addressing specific concerns of civil society regarding Muslim women’s inclusion

Support the set-up of an informal group of MEPs working against Islamophobia at the EP within the new parliament 

The meeting resulted in developing a roadmap for coming years,  focusing how to move forward in the next EP mandate. EFOMW will continue to work on these questions together with other active NGO’s in the Coalition Against Islamophobia, developing a strategy for continued cooperation with European Parliament and finding the solution for improvement of human rights situation for Muslim women in Europe.

See / listen to short presentation (video) by EFOMW advocacy coordinator at the meeting here