On the occasion of the International Women´s Day, European Forum of Muslim Women (EFOMW) invited politicians, feminist representatives, experts and activists amongst others to participate in a roundtable discussion on the topic “What are the main issues, challenges and opportunities facing Muslim women in Europe today?”

”Hate crimes against Muslims is steadily increasing and many women bear witness to the harassment, verbal abuse and violence they daily meet in public – simply because of their religion. This sort of violence against Muslims do not occur in a vacuum. The violence is legitimized by a society in which Muslims slurs and racist forces are advancing their positions. 
– The right to wear what clothes you want and the freedom of religion shall be inviolable. Hate crimes against women in veils and racist violence against Muslims must be taken seriously, but also the discrimination Muslim women are subjected to in different segments of society”, 

says Lamia El Amri, President, European Forum Of Muslim Women.

During the discussions a number of focus points were presented including present findings and research papers from experts. Also, future strategies were pivotal for the discussions in which the roles and responsibilities of European Forum of Muslim Women and its member organizations in tackling the issues were outlined.

The seminar resulted in a report that sets out the main problems and challenges as well as the list of recommendations.