23-24 November, London

EFOMW participated in workshop / seminar Communicating and Campaigning against Religious Dress Restrictions, 23-24 November in London.

The event was organised by Open Justice Society Initiative (OSJI), in cooperation with the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

In April 2018 OSJI published a report ‘Restrictions on Muslim Women’s Dress in the 28 EU Member States’. The report shows how different countries in the EU have enacted religious dress restrictions, that lead to the discrimination of Muslim women in employment, education, services, and in public space.

The aim of the workshop was to support capacity building of organisations and individuals working against this kind of discrimination. The workshop provided a platform for Muslim women activists to develop key communications skills to strengthen their advocacy and help create an effective counter-narrative. It was a great opportunity to share and discuss experiences and lessons on various key aspects of our work.