EFOMW participated in a Roundtable Discussion on, “Supporting women leaders for inclusive democracy and sustainable development: Overcoming challenges and measuring progress”

The event was organized by the Office of International IDEA to the European Union, and supported by the Canadian Mission to the European Union, 27 March in Brussels.

The aim was to bring together participants with diverse backgrounds such as EU institutions, international organizations, think thanks, foundations, civil society and private sector to exchange ideas and experiences on how women can attain leadership positions more frequently in a sustainable manner, how society and regulatory frameworks can improve women representation and participation, and which needs are there in terms of monitoring mechanisms.

Participants could share their views on and experiences with building competences for leadership and monitoring mechanisms, or on which challenges and priorities there are in stocktaking of female leadership in the EU and beyond, as well as the best practices and tools to empower women at all political levels, including young women?

EFOMW underlined the importance of taking in account the diversity of backgrounds  when we talk about women empowerment and their possibilities for involvement in the European society on different levels.  Looking at the possibilities for women from different groups we must take in consideration multiple challenges that women from minority communities meets in the society. They meet discrimination on multiple grounds, besides gender, such as ethnicity, religion, nationality, social class, etc.

The roundtable marked the start of a programme aimed at contributing to the implementation of Goals 5 and 10 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, related to gender equality and reduced inequalities. 

You can also read IDEA’s report from the event as pdf