This year, EFOMW member organizations from several European countries had the pleasure to gather for the tenth annual meeting. 

This was the great opportunity to share experiences, learn more about each other’s activities as well as to discuss direction for our future work.

The general assembly decided that EFOMW should focus on work against Islamophobia in the coming years.

Many of our members are concerned about increased hostility experienced in the EU countries they come from. We face growing number of far right and anti-Islam political parties in the European Parliament and the normalization of hate speech.

Reports from several European countries shows increased number of hate crimes against Muslims and also points out that the Muslim women, who are easily recognized because of their attire, are most vulnerable.

EFOMW will, together with other active European anti-racist organizations, stand up for human rights and work to reduce Islamophobia and to strengthen legislation at both national and EU level.

At the same time it is important to strengthen our own members, spread knowledge about civil rights in our communities in order to further streamline our work against discrimination.

During this year General Assembly we also had the joy to welcome a new member, the association “Wiery Kobiety- Women of Faith” from UK.More about “Women of Faith” you can find on website: