EFOMW cooperates with the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) in the project:Forgotten women: the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women 

The project aims to:
1.    Document the disproportionate effect of Islamophobia on Muslim women

2.    Foster cross-group partnership and develop alliances between the anti-racist and feminist movements in order to better address the intersectional discrimination affecting Muslim women (gender, race, class and religion)

3.    Counter stereotypes about Muslim women and promote positive messages4.    Provide analysis to improve the implementation of equality law in cases of discrimination against Muslim women.

Read presentation as pdf here.

ENAR’s policy officer Julie Pascoet describes Muslim women’s situation in the article The Tangled Web of Discrimination Faced by Muslim Women ”At a time when women have managed to become economically independent and gain positions of power in Europe, it’s extraordinary that we would still discriminate against some of them based on how they dress. The perceptions around Muslim women expose the overall level of emancipation of women in Europe.

Action is needed, not only by EU member states but also by women’s rights organizations. Women should be empowered regardless of the way they dress. Whether or not we understand the choice of these women to dress differently, we need to highlight and nurture the commonalities of our struggle for equality. Diversity is key to achieve economic and social prosperity—Muslim women can contribute a lot in this direction and should not be prevented from doing so. Our society cannot afford to exclude women when its core values include gender equality and the fight against racism”

Read the whole article on Open Sociaty Foundation’s website: The Tangled Web of Discrimination Faced by Muslim Women