The recent ​shooting at the headquarters of ​the ​Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris have devastated France and caused a ​stir that exceeded national boundaries. ​This is because this crime was perpetrated in the name of a universal religion. ​A​ religion​ where the sanctity of all life forms is a basic concept​​.​​ A ​religion which ​equates the murder of ​one human being as the murder of ​the whole of humanity.

The European Forum Of Muslim Women strongly condemns these terrorist attacks. ​Our thoughts ​are with all the victims and their families. We call on French and European citizens to unite ​against violence and ​stand ​together for peace. ​We must not let the behaviour of some shake the aspiration of all to live in ​peaceful​, supportive and inclusive​ ​societies​. ​Now is the time for unity, ​reflection and contemplation. ​Together we must find meaningful answers to these questions: ​How to ​​effectively​ ​​fight ​ extremism and terrorism? How and why ​can ​societies built on the values of peace, tolerance and freedom also produce ​hateful and ​deviant ​individuals​? How ​can we together​ ​emerge out of this ​crisis​stronger and more united?

The European Forum of Muslim Women ​also condemns the rise in ​​Islamophobic attacks and abuse following the tragic event​ on Wednesday​​. Mosques and veiled women were ​violently ​targeted.​

In this hate​-​fighting climate​, we must ​adopt a responsible attitude​ ​refusing ​the ​stigmatisation of any community. Together, ​we must ​stand ​united against ​terrorism. This because ​terrorism strikes indiscriminately without ​distinguishing between ethnicity, gender or religion.