EFOMW’s campaign launch for European ElectionsOn 9th May 2014, at the occasion of the Europe Day, the European Forum of Muslim Women launched a campaign to raise awareness among Muslim communities about the importance to act as responsible citizens by participating in the upcoming European Elections.

EFOMW is particularly committed to involve the youth through sharing information and fostering debate on social networks. EFOMW consists of fifteen female organizations throughout Europe, which aim to enhance involvement and empowerment of Muslim women in the society. Our member organizations are very active in relaying the campaign and spreading the message through their respective local networks.
The European Parliament plays a key role in the institutional running of the European Union as it represents the citizens and approves the “laws” and budget with the Council. These elections therefore stand as an opportunity to raise our voice to promote a Europe of diversity.

Indeed, in this time of deep political, economic, social and identity crisis, populist ideologies are seriously threatening social peace and harmony at the heart of the European project. Muslims are particularly affected by the rise of xenophobia – as if a Muslim could not be fully European – and face strong discrimination and exclusion.

Muslim women are even more vulnerable as they are subject to both religious and gender discrimination. Worse, Muslim women are increasingly exposed to acts of physical and psychological violence, which tend to become commonplace and even institutionalized through laws intending to exclude Muslim women from economic and social spheres.
That is why we must work together towards an inclusive Europe.
Let’s start now: “Voice your opinion, Vote!”