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  • Social Platform of NGO's: Annual Report 2012
  • Annual report 2012 

    2012: The economic crisis made more victims, with 26 million Europeans out of work, 23.4% youth unemployment and 120 million people at risk of poverty and social exclusion.Social Platform focused on trying to revert the trends by requesting the inclusion of a Social Pact in EU economic policies, supporting the creation of quality employment, and enabling the development of social services and social enterprises.

    Since economic policy has major social consequences, Social Platform met with representatives of the institutions responsible, and with the President of the Council, Herman van Rompuy, and Commissioner Olli Rehn (Economic and Monetary Affairs) amongst many others.  To voice the concerns of those who suffer the most from the crisis, we produced 30 policy documents (based on our members’ contributions), and sat on 18 EU advisory / expert groups and spoke at 36 high level external events.  

    Download Social Platform Annual Report to read more about its work and achievements in 2012. 


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