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  • Key Recommendations from the hearing Women Against Islamophobia
  • Brussels 2 March 2016. 

    Ahead of the international women's day, EFOMW (European Forum of Muslim Women) in cooperation with MEP Soraya Post, ENAR (European Network Against Racism) and FEMYSO (Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations) organiseda hearing at the European Parliament with intention to shed light on the growing Islamophobia in Europe and its devastating impact,particularly on Muslim women.

    In recent decades we have experienced in different ways a gradual downplaying of civil rights, liberties and equality of European Muslim women. The testimonies and data from across Europe show an alarming increase of Islamophobia, and in particular its disproportionate effect on Muslim women. Still, we lack a strategy that corresponds to the seriousness of this issue.


    The hearing brought together politicians, human rights activists and academic experts to discuss not only what consequences Islamophobia has on the social, political and economic lives of Muslim women, but also to stress the need for immediate action to guarantee European Muslim women full equality.

    Find more information from the hearing here.

    Read key Recommendations as pdf here

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  • 08.03.2016
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