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  • EFOMW General Assembly 2018
  • 14-16 September, Istanbul
  • This year EFOMW members gathered for General Assembly in Istanbul, 14-16 September.

    During these 3 action-packed days we had pleasure to listen to lectures from our guests, welcome new member organisations to our network, elect new board of directors and have fruitfull discussions with our members from all over the Europe about current situation of Muslim women in Europe, our work and future plans.

    These are the highlights from the meeting

    The meeting was held in a beautiful historical place, an old waqf building, at women organisation Hekva.


    After opening speech by EFOMW chair, our guest Enes Bayrakli from SETA presented current situation with Islamophobia in Europe and SETA's work with European Islamophobia report


    New members:

    Our associate member organisation 'Women and Modern World Center' from Azerbaijan was accepted as a full member by this GA, and we also had the joy to welcome a new member, the association 'WoW - With or Without' from Germany to our network. 


    Election of the new board of directors:

    We thanked board members, who ended their mandate, for their dedicated work during the past period, and welcomed new elected board of directors for mandate 2018-2022.

    Roundtable discussions and workshops on current situation and future plans:

    Open discussion with our members during GA gave us valuable  insight in situation in different European countries. Discussions about situation of Muslim women in Europe, our challenges and possibilities and our approach when dealing with current situation (i.e. discrimination and rise of Islamophobia, hate speech and hate crimes; discriminating legislations on local and EU level) gives us important information that helps us in shaping our future plans and strategies.


  • 02.10.2018
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