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  • Conference 'Position, challenges and the perspective of women in the Balkans', October 2016
  • EFOMW at the first Balkan Conference: "Position, challenges and the perspective of women in the Balkans" 14-15 October 2016

    Conference was organised by Women Affirmation Association in Macedonia who is one of EFOMW's member organisations taking part in the project 'Women Against Islamophobia'.

    The conference was attended by representatives of institutions, international and local organizations and civil society.

    In the opening speech EFOMW addressed the problem of growing Islamophobia in Europe and stressed importance of paying attention on its different manifestations in different parts of Europe as well as how important it is to work proactively on the national level and in our local communities. EFOMW also reminded of how vital for an healthy society is to increase inclusion of the women in public and political life.

    Four panels of lecturers coming from different countries in the region addressed problem of women position in the society as well as problems of growing Islamophobia from different angles.  Focus was though on specific problems that both Muslim women and women in general in Macedonia and some of neighbouring countries meets, so besides the impact of the media in spreading religious stereotyping and Islamophobia, discussions revolved around negative effect of tradition in advancing of women's position in society, inferior economic position of women, lack of de jure and de facto mechanisms for protection of women from violence, institutional participation of women in the Balkans and the lack of political will in the political parties' leadership to put female candidates on their lists for leadership in relevant institutions in society.


    One of the conclusions was that various civil society organizations play a major role in the positive development and promotion of the rights of women in the Balkans, but unfortunately these organizations/associations don't have institutional support and financial strength to be able to work more in order to achieve their goals.

    We are looking forward to continued work in these topics in the Balkans and in whole Europe.


  • 19.10.2016
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