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  • Islamophobia advocacy training and General Assembly 2016, EFOMW 10 years
  • When the European Forum Of Muslim Women was established in March 2006, on its first summit more then 400 Muslim women activists from all over the Europe gathered to discuss Muslim women rights, her involvement in social life, obstacles to her full citizen participation, misinterpretation of Muslim women in media and more.

    Since then the Forum was working within the European Union for the consolidation of bonds and the exchange of experiences between the various members in order to fight against Islamophobia and discrimination, and support the involvement and empowerment of Muslim women in the society. It served as the voice of European Muslim women, defining their problems, aspirations, and defending their legal rights, promoting the culture of dialogue and the right for equal opportunities for all.


    Today, the situation in European society when it comes to questions of rights for Muslim women on different levels unfortunately doesn’t look better. We are still discussing same key issues and struggling for the same rights. The rise of Islamophobia, violence against Muslim women and her exclusion from the social and political life in some countries seems to bee even worse.


    However, during the past decade we could see improvement in one another matter of great importance to the welfare of Muslim women. The steps and actions we took during this period have made impact in development of our members across the Europe, have made them more confident, strengthened and encouraged them to rise voices for their rights.

    To see some of our actions and achievements see our activities.

    Our 10 years anniversary is marked by continued work for Muslim women rights and better inclusion of Muslim women in European society, and we are proud to see our member’s determination to not give up on this struggle.

    This year we gathered in Brussels for Islamphobia and advocacy training and for our 11th General Assembly.

    Islamophobia advocacy training, which is one of the activities in our project “Women against islamophobia” (supported by Open Society Foundations) is organised with aim to strengthen EFOMW’s and its members capacity in efforts to tackle Islamophobia.


    During three days training we had opportunity to listen to fruitful lectures and bring interesting discussions:

    Assaia Oulkadi (FEMYSO) gave us an orientation in Islamophobia, human rights, anti-racism EU legislation and legal gaps, types of discrimination  and exempels of research and materials which can be used in work with Islamophobia.

    Marwan Mohamed (CCIF) continued with inspiring lecture about Islamophobia and a “Construction of a Muslim problem” and reminded about importance of having holistic approach to this issue. During media session of the training (among other things) we did some practical exercises in speech, debate and interview techniques, which were highly appreciated by participants.

    Shenaz Bunglawala (MEND-UK) gave us some very inspiring practical examples of advocacy work and community engagement in the UK. Her presentation of the different forms of advocacy projects and initiatives at national levels was motivating for participants to accomplish something similar.

    Training finished with member organisations drafting their own advocacy strategies/potential project for coming year.

    In this process, having possibility for members to discuss different advocacy strategies and to share their expertise was enriching for all. Having members from different countries speak about their respective national issues helped participants to get a broader picture and a deeper understanding of Islamophobia in Europe


    After the training the talks continued during the General Assembly where EFOMW’s work and strategy for the future was discussed.

    Meeting in our headquarters made us remember the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels and we used this opportunity to visit memorial place De La Bourse to express our solidarity with the victims of these horrendous attacks and with their families.


    You can read EFOMW statement here.


  • 25.05.2016
European Forum of Muslim Women EFOMW
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