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  • Manifestation on the occasion of the Day of “Eid al Adha ”- “The Lights of Eid”
  • November 2010 in Macedonia. 
    On the occasion of the Day of “Eid al Adha”, the Islamic Youth Forum-Women Section organized a festive program for small children and their parents. The program was held at the National Albanian Theatre in Skopje and at the Palace of Culture in Gostivar. This was a program which differed from the previous activities organized by the Islamic Youth Forum. This time the scene was full of children-Lights, who performed very well in front of the audience, in a miscellaneous program called “The Lights of Eid”.

    At the beginning of the program, the President of the Islamic Youth Forum gave a greeting speech. He talked briefly about the significance of the feast of Bajram and the need of organizing such manifestations with the aim of entertaining and delighting the children.After this, the children-The Lights of Eid, with their sweet and melancholic (soft) voice sang a song dedicated to the Islamic Youth Forum, a few nasheeds, and they recited a few poems.For the smallest children, during the program there was a pleasant surprise, when in the scene appeared a clown who had come especially for them. With his funny gestures he entertained the children a lot.In this program, there was not the shortage of Nasradin’s anecdotes. The children had prepared a mini-drama for the audience and everyone was pleased by it.This manifestation of “Kurban Bajram” was enriched with the amazing performance of the children and youth group of the Albanian Folkloric Ensemble “Emin Duraku”, which in front of the audience of Skopje and Gostivar appeared with a few national dances from our rich folklore, and these dances were received very well by the audience.At the very end, the children of this program, actually the Lights of Eid, together with the audience made the final prayer prepared for this occasion.

  • 25.12.2010
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