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  • Seminar “Women in Leadership” from June 28 to July 3, 2009
  • On the theme “Women in Leadership”, the EFOMW (European Forum Of Muslim Women) organized a seminar leadership training held in Istanbul, Turkey, from June 28 to 03 July 2009.This seminar for members and future leaders of EFOMW, brought together some thirty Muslim women selected, representing 12 European countries (United States, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Ireland, Bosnia , Greece and Romania).


    Following a rigorous program led by the Doctor of Medicine (specializing in pain and chronic illness) NAGI Hussein and his wife Kathleen Roche-NAGIE, founders of the group coaching approach, these women have been initiated into the art of coaching and management. In the form of various exercises individually or in groups, each of which could deepen the vision she had of herself and of his future plans but also to bring tools to improve the organization of the group she is responsible. Everything took place in an atmosphere that is both completely relaxed and studious.

    The first day after having had an overview of coaching and its value and the skills necessary for leadership (creativity, sense of responsibility, respect for others and is), they were asked to complete a job group and prepare for the next day in a fun and original presentation 10mn on a theme or an idea that was discussed during the day.

    The second day: the emphasis was placed on listening to oneself and others. Problems that can meet within a team were discussed, and ways of coping have been studied and practiced.Communication was one of the topics discussed: instead of words, the importance of body language and tone of voice etc. ..


    At the end of the second day, having asked the seminarians to practice the teachings of the day was to establish a project and present at the meeting for 20 minutes. All aspects should be addressed to make it as realistic as possible (budget, time needed for its establishment, the probable risks, the necessary contacts etc).

    The third and final day ended with the study of various personalities who can compose a group (the actor, the intelligent, ambitious, positive, the introvert, the unpredictable etc.). The positive aspects as negative as each of these figures has been discussed and advice was given in order to harness the positive and negative to improve each.

    The closing of the seminar was held with the filing of a certificate issued to each of the seminarians who have been welcomed by trainers. They stressed that this was a pleasant surprise to see the high level team, and different areas of mastery and talent present.

    The stay ended in a cordial and mutual appreciation.
    A visit to the capital “between Europe and Asia” was held at the waning of the training, and each is then returned to his country, the spirit enriched the heart beaming, his eyes filled with unforgettable images and above all a renewed fervor to work within the European Forum of Muslim Women.


  • 07.07.2009
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