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  • Seminar “European institutions”, Dusserldorf 1 to 3 January, 2010
  • New year 2010 begins at EFOMW:

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    - 2nd training seminar for executives EFOMW, held in Dusseldorf in Germany from 1 to 3 January, 2010, organized around the European institutions.

    The program of the seminar:

    1st Response: official institutions by European Najatte Kaaoiss
    2nd Speech: Lobbying by NGO Najatte Kaaoiss
    3rd Response: European Muslim organizations by Abdallah Ben Mansour
    4th Speech: The current feminist Mahbouba Ben Nasr
    5th Intervention: The European women’s groups by the President of EFOMW, Noura Jaballah

    The seminar was enriched  with workshops about the reality of Europe and EFOMW. Finally, as to each meeting of members of EFOMW, this one was the opportunity to exchange and share information about activities and experiences of each member association.

  • 20.01.2010
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