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  • Third Seminar Public relations: principles and applications in Markfield – Great Britain, 18,19 and 20 June 2010
  • The European Forum of Muslim Women held its third training seminar in Markfield, 18 to 20 June 2010


    This session is part of a series of seminars to train future managers and leaders of the Forum. It was devoted to study the concept and foundations of public relations and its applications in a contemporary vision.


    Indeed, public relations have become vital functions in modern organizations, they play an important role in the mental representation of the organization and its reputation, they also facilitate communication between the organization and its public and allow for build the trust and mutual understanding between the parties


    The objectives of the session and its prospects:

    * Identify the concept of integrated public relations and its objectives
    * Training in the practice of public relations to influence the public inside and outside the Organization
    * The development of leadership skills and administrative roles in the development and implementation of plans and public relations programs and the reputation and image building.

    The session was opened with an introduction to map relationships in the modern state which consists of two poles the first is the circle of power with its ministries and government institutions. Opposite the center of civil society with its unions, associations and nongovernmental institutions, all citizens or organized people. The last one
    is a symbol of resistance to the hegemony of power and encroachment of the state.
    The session was closed by the last day of workshops where each group has been asked to develop a model of  communications plan for the forum with a specific public

    Among the topics of the session:

    The concept of public relations / public relations objectives /
    The important principles of public relations / The importance and interest of public relations within the organization / Stages of the public and the work required at each stage

  • 01.07.2010
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