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  • International Women’s Day
  • International Women’s Day

    On this day, we welcome The International Women’s Day with both bitterness and hope. Bitterness

    towards persisting injustice faced by women all over the world, and hope to see their condition

    The voice of women remains too often neglected, and this statement is all the more striking when it

    comes to Muslim women. Indeed, these women face double discrimination both related to their

    gender and their religious beliefs. Moreover, in the current European context characterized by a rise

    of populism, these difficulties are reinforced by the effects of race discrimination. Muslim women

    are therefore exposed to serious acts of physical and psychological violence, which tend to become

    commonplace and even institutionalized through laws intending to exclude Muslim women from

    economic and social participation – whereas they strongly aspire to get fully and actively involved

    in the civil life. The European Forum of Muslim Women condemn these discriminatory measures

    ignoring fundamental rights, and consider that possibility for each citizen to live his faith with

    dignity is as a necessity for effective democracy and social peace.

    These ideals of peace, freedom and democracy sound particularly powerful in our minds and hearts

    in a time when some Arab societies are plunged into political chaos and face serious economic and

    social hardships. Since the Arab Awakening was supposed to carry democratic revival and enhance

    female involvement in the civil life, women stand for the first victims of political repression in

    Egypt, Syria… Imprisoned, mistreated, humiliated, these women, plunged into deep distress, need

    to be considered and actively supported by all people attached to values of freedom and human

    dignity. We indeed deplore the fact that violence perpetrated against Muslim women usually

    generates very timid response, even within the feminist spheres. The fight for recognition and

    promotion of all women and their fundamental rights, have to be conducted through collective and

    harmonized efforts from civil society actors, political authorities and citizens, in a spirit of dialogue

    The European Forum of Muslim Women express on this occasion its renewed support to oppressed

    women all over the world, and is committed to pursue with faith and determination its struggle

    against all kinds of discrimination perpetrated against women, with the ambition to enhance the

    emergence of societies driven by justice, inclusiveness and prosperity.

    Brussels, 8th March 2014

  • 08.03.2014
European Forum of Muslim Women EFOMW
Rue Archimède 50, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium