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  • Structure and Members
  • I. General Assembly
    The Forum is a platform for women’s European-type active participant or simply a supporter.
    Some associations are national and other local (list below). The first EFOMW’s governing body is the General Assembly, composed of delegates from member associations, in addition to the founders who were behind the creation of this forum.

    II. Board of Directors
    The General Assembly elects a Board of Directors, which implements the policies of the GA in running a detailed action plan, which is evaluated at the next Assembly and voted to be approved or not.

    The current board consists of :

    • Mrs. Lamia El Amri, Chairman (Sweden)
    • Mrs. Dorsaf Ben Dhiab (France)
    • Mrs. Zainab Marrakchi (Sweden)
    • Mrs. Sehija Dedovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    • Mrs.Iman Sandra Pertek (UK)

    Lamia El Amri (Sweden): President – lamia.elamri@gmail.com
    She has Bachelor of Science in Education: Religion and Social Studies, Tunis 1993. She did training courses in leadership, coaching and organizational development. She was Project leader on a study associations “Integrating and popular education” (2003-2005). She was member of the Municipal Council of Stockholm (2002-2006).She helped establish several organizations in Sweden and in Europe: she was a member of the Forum for Equal Rights / Anti-discrimination office in Kista (2003); she was member of the Swedish Committee against Islamophobia (2006); she was Chairwoman of the Muslim Women’s Association (1997-2002). She is a founder member of the European Forum of Muslim Women and she has been a Board member of EFOMW since 2006 until now. She works today as advisers and recruitment consultant. She is married and she has 4 children.

    Sehija Dedović (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Vice President – sehija@hotmail.com
    She was born 1973 in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After graduating from ancient high school Gazi Husrev-beg in Sarajevo she graduated in Islamic theology from University of Jordan (1998.) She is founder and director of the Centre for Education and Research 'Nahla' established in 2000 – an organization dedicated to improve quality of life and promote positive values in the society by providing education and support for women and family. Today 'Nahla' is one of the biggest and very well organized NGOs in B&H.
    She has a Master’s degree in International Relations from International University of Sarajevo and she attended as well she attended and graduated Strategic management – Diploma from Malaysian technical cooperation program (MTCP) and diploma in NLP. Attended and participated in a number of regional and international conferences, seminars, sessions, discussions in economy, management, human rights, media, woman’s role in society, communications, inter-religious dialogue. She used to hold seminars and trainings is Strategic planning, Project management, Women activism and other and she is publishing articles about same topics in different local magazines, newspapers  and web sites. Active member of EMN (European Muslim network), think-thank organization based in Brussels as well some another networks and associations.

    Zainab Marrakchi (Sweden): Board Secretary – zainab.marrakchi@gmail.com
    She is a master student in chemical engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan). In combination with her M.Sc studies at KTH she completed her master degree in education from Stockholm’s University  and is qualified as secondary school teacher in chemistry and mathematics.  Her voluntary work in the Islamic society started at the age of 18 as trainee in the educational board in Islamic Association in Sweden (Islamiska Förbundet I Sverige). Today Zainab is the president of Muslim Women Association (Muslimska Kvinnoföreningen) in Stockholm and is graduating her studies during 2014.  She is also an elected representative of the federal board of the study association Ibn Rushd in Sweden.

    Dorsaf Ben Dhiab (France): Treasurer – bendhiab.dorsaf@gmail.com
    She has a Master’s degree in Contemporary literature from Lille III University. She has made a commitment in the local, the national and the European associative work since 1993 and she chaired several associations. She is a speaker in French, in Arabic and in English on Woman issue. She is the co-author of the Manifesto of the Muslim Woman (LFFM, 2004). She was an active member and a regional delegate of the French League of the Muslim Woman (2006-2008). She was the General Secretary of the European Forum of Muslim Women and was in charge of the Public Relations (2006-2010). She is married and she has 4 children.

    Iman Sandra Pertek (UK) - sandra.pertek@gmail.com
    She is the Chair of Women of Faith (Kobiety Wiary) – women’s community organisation for Central European women converted to Islam and living in the UK. She is also Senior Policy Advisor on Gender at Islamic Relief Worldwide. Iman previously was the Personal Assistant to the CEO of Islamic Relief Worldwide where she provided comprehensive executive support to the leadership of the organisation. She has 8 years of experience in the third sector, including education and administration. She has also taught in a Muslim girls secondary school in London. She led the Warsaw committee of the world’s largest student organisation and was responsible for its expansion at major universities in the United Arab Emirates, mentoring local students and supporting student services, as well as facilitating workshops at international youth summits in different countries.
    She holds an MSc in Social Development Practice from the University College London (UCL) with a focus on Gender in Development Policy & Planning. Her MSc research project was on “Gender justice in programme delivery of Muslim Faith Based Development Organisations – towards gender sensitive faith based development framework”. She also undertook a field trip to Tanzania on a consultancy mission for Arusha Municipal Council and consultancy research for one of the boroughs of London. She earned first class honours BA in Interdisciplinary European Studies from University of Warsaw developing an interest in effectiveness of EU aid and multiculturalism in Europe.

    III. The Member Organizations

    • Ligue Française de la Femme Musulmane – France
      President: Hela Khomsi
    • Association Culturelle des Femmes Musulmanes de Suisse – Switzerland
      President: Nadia Karmous
    • Associazione Donne Musulmane d’Italia, ADMI – Italia
      President: Yamina Salah 
    • IslamisherFrauenverband fur Bildung und Erziehung in Deutschland – Germany
      President: Thamar Hababa
    • Aktiv Kvindeforening i Danmark- Denmark – President: Faizeh Mala
    • Muslim Women Society for the Future- UK
    • Associación de Mujeres Musulmanas «An-nur»- Spain
      President : Cherifa Ben Hassine
    • The Muslim Woman’s Association Muslimska KvninnoFöreningen (MKF)- Sweden
      President: Zainab Marrakchi
      mkfstockholm@gmail.com; zainab.marrakchi@gmail.com
    • Association Nahla - Bosnia and Herzegovina
      President : Sehija Dedovic
    • All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organisations “ARRAID”- Ukraine
      President: Issa Tanzilya
    • Forumul European Al Femeilor Musulmane din Romania- Romania
      Prsident: Amani Allaqta
      E-mail: islam@lig.ro
    • Woman Affirmation Association- Macedonia
      President: Ajgyl Sulejman
    • Apprendre Autrement -France
      President: Chabira Merazig
    • Lega Islamica Femminile Europa- Italia
      President: Marisa Iannucci
    • Center Women and Modern World- Azerbaijan-
      President: Sudaba Shiraliyeva
    • Women of Faith- Kobiety Wiary - UK
      President: Sandra Pertek 
    • Cultural Educative Center "NUR" - Albania
      President: Suada Kera

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