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    The European Forum of Muslim Women has been created at the beginning of 2006, following a series coordination meetings between European Muslim Women associations active in several European Countries. 

    We work for the consolidation of bonds and the exchange of experience between its various members in order to support the empowerment and emancipation of Muslim women within society as fully fledged citizens. We also aim at addressing muslim women's concerns and fight for their rights at the European and International level.  

    Associations from different European countries participated in work meetings and exchanges since 2003. The issues that were central to discussions of this platform issues emerged on the empowerement of Muslim women in European society. Another concern is the increasing discrimination and racism faced by muslim women. After three years of coordination and cooperation between various Muslim women’s associations in Europe, and before the conclusion of the vacuum on the representation of Muslim women in Europe, an urgent request was felt to stand as an interlocutor with the authorities, European civil society or official organizations and associations of Muslim and non Muslim background. This coordination has therefore decided to create the EFOMW (European Forum Of Muslim Women). Such a Forum could speak on behalf of Muslim women in Europe, their problems, their aspirations and could relay the social realities of Muslim women and defend their causes. 
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